About the project


This is the homepage of the People’s Democratic Republic of Podcast! I’m Kristaps Andrejsons from Riga, Latvia. I have a master’s in western philosophy, working on to get a PhD in political science. I’m also a journalist, that’s deeply involved in politics. And as I come from a small country, I’ve faced quite a few occasions where people think that governments everywhere operate basically the same. And that their government’s the most/least corrupt of them all.

So, this project is here to amend this! This is a podcast about the comparison of parliaments in various countries, taking a look at the inner workings of the system, important parties, history of elections, politically interesting events and, of course, controversy. We embrace controversy, support sane reasonable voting and take a honest, straight approach to journalism. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Also, feel free to look at my other projects, The Eastern Border podcast: http://theeasternborder.lv/ and The Lesser Bonapartes: http://www.thelesserbonapartes.com/. We are also a part of the Dark Myths collective, at http://darkmyths.org/, which you should totally check out!

For now, you can follow us on twitter – @Eastern_Border as that’s our main podcast, but we’ll make a separate one for this show soon enough. Also, we should be on iTunes by now and are working to get on Stitcher.