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  1. Adonai

    About the income inequality I should have rather said that, while in most other south american countries people are either super poor or middle upper class, with some variations, in Argentina there is a long, steady hill of declining personal wealth across society. A steady decline of what used to be a wide middle class and a comfortable working class, has generated a very fragmented society, economywise, wich looks like it has “variety” and “diversity” but in all reality is more of a thousand step stair of slow economic decline.

  2. Adonai

    I also should have said something more about the Venezuelan situation. They currently are under a “””socialist”””” dictator (Nicolas Maduro) who is insane and thinks that Hugo Chaves’s soul possesed a bird who then went and told him that he must seize power and follow in Chaves’s steps. So you can imagine how it goes from there… In the botched recording we talked a lot about how PDVSA, THE single venezuelan oil company, was formed from the former oil companys during the nationalization process of Chaves and how it ended up being filled with generally incompetent people just to “give jobs” as a political maneuver and how that ended up stopping exploration of new wells and making the remaining processes unsustainably inefficient wich in sum, together with the USA changing suppliers from venezuela to arabia ended up killing the ONE enterprise that gave jobs to a vast sector of the populace and wich was responsible for an insane proportion of the national revenue. With economic, political and inside military tensions wratcheting up, Maduro fed fire with fire and wratched up the tension himself. This led to the USA imposing trade bans and isolationist policies, and at a certain point even the MERCOSUR economic alliance imposed bans and trade also cut up just because of the simple fact that venezuelan would be traders have no valuable money to exchange for products from the outside. This, as you may see, creates a sort of vicious cycle.

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