Do your research


Greetings, listeners!

In this episode of PDRP, we discuss how science affects politics. And how it doesn’t. And how it’s used and abused to achieve political goals, and how everyone should apply just a little bit more critical thinking in their lives, and why global warming actually is a real problem. Also – please, don’t be offended anyone, you know me, and I’m trying to be as objective as possible. And this whole global warming and scientific issues are those who carry a lot of meaning and importance to me. Today’s guest is – Ryan Caligari, from Rumor Flies podcast, our fellow Dark Lord and you should totally check him (and his buddies) out – he’s a chemist with deep knowledge about the subject matter, and even though I don’t agree to all of his political views, I do respect him for what he brings to the table – and that, dear listeners, is the promotion of rational thought. We should all have more of that. And empathy. They’re tied together.




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