Don’t Trust Cows (Christmas special)


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This time, in Christmas, it’s time to discuss the most serious issues with Travis J. Dow, and talk about why, in the end you should hate cows. Spoiler alert: because you shouldn’t hate people instead. It’s a complicated issue, and nothing is ever simple. And when some news sources say that they’re forbidding Christmas in some places, it’s time to discuss migration. I hope you’ll listen this episode in full, that it’ll make you think – because nothing in this discussion is simple and one-sided, so we, with Travis go deep into the weeds.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Trust Cows (Christmas special)

  1. Kurtis e Cring

    We have recently discovered here in America, that the common “statistics” always thrown around by our Leftist Media for decades has been mostly fictional and based on a lack of willingness of the authorities to even accumulate or compile those statistics regarding the rate of criminality among the illegal migrant community here. This is so that they won’t be forced to deal with or held responsible for the dysfunctional immigration system they created. We have an immigration “lottery” lol

  2. Kurtis e Cring

    While I am enjoying the discussion, I cannot help but sense that both the participants are embracing the fantasy that Muslim immigrants are just like any other immigrants from anywhere else…. uh, seriously? Have either of you been…. paying attention to world events for the last decade or more? Pulling the pillow over your head does not make the boogey man go away.
    I live in a city Tucson that has a high population of all forms of immigrants and refugees, especially Muslim immigrants who are my friends and neighbors. Of course it is foolish to believe that all or even most Muslims are bad people, it is EQUALLY FOOLISH to pretend that there is not a SPECIAL danger with any Muslim–whether they be foreign or native born. There is a prominent sect, portion, percentage, of Muslims who believe that it is their duty to murder apostates and infidels–in that order.
    If we had an actual problem with actual German Nazis running around worldwide murdering actual people in their host countries–then I would want special fucking assurances about any damn German let in here. It doesn’t make me “racist” or a “facist” to expect my government to extremely vet anyfuckingbody from a problem area of the planet–especially devout Muslims. [Strangely enough, I don’t feel this way at all about Christian Africans, or Hindus, or Jews, or Buddhists….. hmmmm.]
    And I believe we should have a law that anytime an immigrant who is let into this country negligently, without the proper checks being done, and then he commits a crime–that negligent government official who let that happen should be held liable in civil, or maybe criminal, court.
    A million people can shout a million times that I am a racist because of this belief, but that dont make it true

  3. Kurtis e Cring

    Yeah, sorry: your analysis of the people who put Trump in power is so shallow and lame and NOT ACCURATE. Are we “racist” because we want immigrants to use the DOOR and NOT the WINDOW?!! Tlhats funny because my Philipinno best friend and my other good Navajo friend feels the same way. Are we ‘racist” because we want a President who puts our country FIRST, instead of traveling the world fucking apologizing for America? Kool Aid drinker. Lame. The label of ‘racist” is so cheap and overused that it now means virtually nothing. We aren’t ‘afraid of Syrians”…. we want to make sure that the authorities who are responsible for examining people DO THEIR FUCKING JOB duh Like check their FaceBook profile to start

  4. Kurtis e Cring

    Ha ha ha ha this silly guy:) so secure in the protective cocoon created for him by the people he speaks of with such contempt…. hahahah “there are just a couple dozen terrorists worldwide” hahahaha. So naive that he does not realize that it is our military push back that has so diminished the terrorist body count. If we take your silly Obama/Clinton style approach to terrorism, then they would gain momentum and recruitment and their body count would increase exponentially. And then people like this silly guy will wake up from their stupor and look for someone to blame for not knowing or preventing (IE GW Bush was secretly responsible for 9/11….) This guy is basically an archetypal Globalist.

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