Time Cube Logics


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Firstly, here’s the link to Time Cube. http://timecube.2enp.com/ Don’t know what time cube is? Don’t worry. It comes up in the 2nd hour of this discussion that you should really listen through. This one is all about ideologies. And religions. And how they both get so intertwined, especially in the United States, that they affect modern political decision making. Our guest is the amazing David Sheally, and we make a lot of jokes and a lot of tangents…but…but this episode turned out so good, and so well done – and so important, that I’ve decided to include it in the main feed as well. But really – be sure to listen throught. It all comes to a point in the end.

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  1. Posty

    Can you point me towards the Piatigorsky book that you mentioned? I can only find his works on buddhism and freemasonry on amazon

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