4 thoughts on “Who are “us”?

  1. anon

    Just wanted to quickly say I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is probably the single most personally affecting piece I’ve heard. Each of you are extremely insightful on your own and together balance each other out very well. You guys made me seriously challenge a few of my own views and beliefs and even managed to change them on a few things. Thank you for this, it’s truly a gift.

  2. Maybe I picked a bad one to start with, but I think I’ll be sticking with the history show.

  3. Jesse

    This episode was awesome! It is so true, identity politics are crushing us. Maybe we just all need to sir down and have a potluck or something. Because all this shouting and name calling just isn’t working. Thanks again Kristaps

  4. William

    There are many great analogies made here and it touches on what has been said in other philosophical circles. I must say, though, that political philosophy absolutely pertains to the underpinnings of society. From Machiavellian principles which lay out governance and the use of power and who can use it, from Hobbes democratizing this and Foucault’s concept of power and the “social good” of observation and categorization, I think this episode went through it ALL! Very very pleased to have the topic of identity politics addressed! It gives me great consternation that this is observable yet few people seem to take note of *why* it is destructive. There is so much more but I just wanted to say “Well done, comrades!” Also Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy is another great read about Stoicism and is *all* about the acquisition of knowledge being that which sees a person through any tribulation and addresses very much the time we are in, where pleasure is confused with happiness and material acquisition is that which people hold as “being successful.”

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