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Hello, listeners of the People’s Democratic Republic of Podcast! Our episode about Denmark is in the works – the recording got a bit delayed, and this was supposed to be aired after that, BUT…it’s my birthday, and thus, I bring this to you. Here, Glen who is a self-proclaimed Zen Socialist from the Lesser Bonapartes podcast, meets Prof CJ, an Anarchist Libertarian from the Dangerous History Podcast. And…actually, they don’t duke it out. They prove that in this time of party polarization, even people with extremely opposing views can find things to agree upon, have a civilized discussion and figure things out. I’m just there to help. At the end, the problems are clear to everyone and are the same. The solutions, however, are possibly very different. IF they’re even possible. And politics…well, if politics makes you hate your fellow man, think again. Maybe it’s not the fellow man. Maybe it’s the one’s doing the politics. We’re wide-eyed cynics, ladies and gentlemen, and we like it that way.

Also, thank you to Daniele Bolelli for providing our intro text. We found it fitting.

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One thought on “Wide-eyed Cynics

  1. William

    This is a great format and discussion because it crosses political boundaries and into the very recesses of what constitutes society and its basis and why people have certain perceptions. I very much value this frank discussion about the destructiveness of corporations over social structure. Personally, I am not much of a family person but I can see why, when there is familiar and community disruption by corporate policy and interests, that a certain demographic sets out to destroy it. This is not to say that I agree with their objectives, being as that its cutting off a nose to spite a face, but, like your guest mentioned, its understandable. Its also a question of education, as was also mentioned. Without having a knowledge of why these events take place, then the solutions can’t be arrived at. Again, great podcast and I am really enthused about these sorts of discussions because they parallel the very basis of political philosophy. The fact that it cross references this and is not mentioned by specifics probably indicates a high level of truth to these discussions.

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